Plant List 2018

The Song Garden Plant List of 2018

Here's what we will be planting this season!
Lots of new stuff!

Song Garden Seed and Plug List

Plox:  Cherry Caramel, Sugar Stars, Art Shades

Irish Poet Tassel Flower

Celosia: Pampas Plume, Forest Fire,  Eternity Improved, Ruby Parfait, Sylphid, Sunday Gold, Cramer’s Rose, Cramer’s Burgundy, Cramer’s Lemon Lime, 

Runner Bean:  Sunset, Painted Lady, Golden Sunshine

Red Ruby Moon Hyacinth Bean

Calendula:  Ball’s Improved, Goldstar

Snapdragon:  Black Prince, Chantilly Bronze, Chantilly Pink, Chantilly Velvet, Chantilly White, Lucky Lips, Aromas Hybrid Red Spice, French Vanilla, Magenta Mist, Arrow Mix, Apple Blossom, Madame Butterfly Bronze, Chantilly Formula Mix, Madame Butterfly Ivory Madame Butterfly Bronze with White, Madame Butterfly Yellow,, Madame Butterfly Rose

Strawflower:  Tom Thumb, White Choice Double, Scarlet Choice Double, Silvery Rose, Bright Rose, Swiss Giant Mix,  Apricot/Peach Mix, Sultane Mix, 

Cosmos:  Bright Lights, Versailles Red, Radiance, Dazzler, Gloria, Daydream, Purity, Sensation Mix, Double Click Snow Puff, Double Click Rose Bon Bon, Sonata Carmine, Sonata Mix,  Double Click Cranberries

Siberian Wallflower 


Basil:  Dark Purple Opal, Cinnamon, Aromatto


Amaranthus:  Velvet Curtains, Love Lies Bleeding, Hot Biscuits, Emerald Tassels, Red Spike, Hopi Red Dye, 

Gomphrena:  Bicolor Rose,, QIs Orange, QIS Carmine, Strawberry Fields, Audray White

Coreopsis:  Incredible Mix

Orlaya ‘White Lace”

Scabiosa:  “Black Knight”, Merlot Red, Starflower, Black Knight

Sunflower: Helianthus debilis Pan,  Purple, Peach Passion, Green, Strawberry Lemonade Mix,  Autumn Beauty

Ammi:  White Dill, Dara

Zinnia:  elegans Envy, elegans Pumila Mix, elegans Queen Lime Blush, elegans Queen Red Lime, elegans Whirlygig Mix, haageana Aztec Burgundy Bicolor,  Oklahoma Salmon, Oklahoma Scarlet, Violet Queen, Exquisite, Scarlet Flame, Canary Bird, Dream, Illumination, Dahlia Flowered Formula Mix, Oriole, Polar Bear, Burpeeana Giants Mix, Benary’s Giant Orange, Benary’s Giant Deep Red, Benary’s Giant Lime, Benary’s Giant Purple, Uproar Rose, Purple Prince, Candy Mix, Art Deco, Aztec Sunset,  Jazzy Mix, Queen Red Lime, Giant Dahlia Creamy Yellow, Benary Giant Lime, Benary’s Giant Purple, Cactus Flowered Mix, Queen Lime Orange, 

Coleus:  Giant Exhibition Rustic Red Giant Exhibition Mix, Giant Exhibition Magma

Bachelor Buttons: White Ball, Black Ball, Blue Boy, Classic Romantic,  Classic Fantastic, Classic Magic

Dusty Miller:  New Look

Tithonia:  Torch, Yellow Torch

Nicotiana: Lemon Tree, Alata Grandiflora, 

Poppy:  Ooh La La, Giant Double Mix Peony, Candy Floss Peony, 
Paper Daisy:  Goliath, Giant Double Mix,

Glass Gem Ornamental Corn
Mini Blue Popcorn

Northern Sea Oats
Ornamental Grass
Silver Tip Ornamental Grass

Winged Everlasting Ammobium 

Copper Plume Atriplex

Sun Ball Craspedia

Chinese Forget Me Nots

Didiscus:  Lacy Lavender, Lacy Pink, Lacy White

Dill Bouquet

Babies Breath Covent Garden

Ornamental Kale:  Crane White, Crane Red, Crane Pink, Sunset, Sunrise

Nigella:  Love in a Mist, Albion Black Pod, Delft Blue, Albion Green Pod

Nasturtium:  Night and Day, Kaleidoscope Mix 

Monarda Panorama Mix

Giant Yellow Marigold, Giant Orange Marigold

Rudbeckia:  Denver Daisy, Chim Chiminee Mix, Goldilocks

Saponaria Pink, White Beauty

Statice:  Midnight Blue, Apricot, Seeker Mix, Majectic Giants Formula Mix


Shiso:  Red, Britton, Green

Leaf Fennel Bronze and Green

Bells of Ireland

Linaria Northern Lights

Cabbage Brunswick, Carrot Purple, Tomato Versange

Blue Ageratum

Celosia:    Cramers HI-Z, Plumosa Sunday Mix, Plumosa Sylphid, Spicata Celway

Gomphrena:    Carmine, QIS Orange, QIS Red

Rudbeckia:  Cherokee Sunset, Indian Summer, Autumn Colors 

Lisianthus:  Double ABC 1 Deep Rose 1-2, 2 trays: Purple,1-3, White 1-3, Double Arena Gold 3, Double 2 trays: Magic Champagne 1-2, Double Roseanne 1-2, Black Pearl 1, Roseanne Brown 1, Double Roseanne Deep Brown 2 

 Dahlia List:

6 a la mode
2 Ginger Snap
2 Who Dun It
2 Loverboy
2 White Nettie
Jersey’s Beauty
Thomas A Edison
Jane Cowl
Prince Noir
Andries Orange
York and Lancaster
Dixie’s Winedot
Rosemary Webb
Gerrie Hoek
Arthur Hambley
3 Blue Bayou Anemone
3 Sylvia Ball
3 Lifestyle Anemone
September Morn
Gabrielle Marie
Totally Tangerine
Sheer Heaven
Gitty Up
Gitts Crazy
Ice Tea
3 Labyrinth
3 Tartan
2 L.A.T.E.
2 Holly Hill Orange Ice
2 Ferncliff Ebony
2 Gitts Crazy 

Plus, our own over wintered Dahlila Tubers

200 Gladiola Corms

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