Monday, August 18, 2014

"Have you ever noticed that people who spend more time outdoors, particularly those who garden regularly, are often cheery? While the exercise, sunshine and general health benefits of being outdoors contributes to a happy disposition, scientists have discovered that some of this cheer comes from a certain bacteria that lives in the soil. Mycobacterium vaccae, a soil dwelling bacteria, has been found to affect our brains in a similar way to antidepressants. It activates brain cells to produce serotonin, a hormone that helps regulate mood and sleep. Low levels of serotonin are often correlated with moodiness, feeling down and depression."

I'm seriously overwhelmed at how the garden and tea house have taken on a life of their own and are drawing people from all over the country, and the world, as they visit the Upper Valley. We are a hair's breadth away from having to hire an employee to keep up with planting for next well as taking on the year round floral event work and church altar work that we are setting our sights on currently. The visions are coming....of the beautiful possibilities...and when the visions come, the baby steps start on the path of bringing the visions to life...I wish my Horticultural Therapy advisor, mentor, and Dean of the UVM Ag School, Dean Samuel Wiggins, was still alive so I could show him that his belief in me back in 1980, giving me the senior year at UVM OFF CAMPUS for an independent study year...running a greenhouse program at a school for autistic teens in CT, living in a mental health hospital in Pontiac, Michigan for a month helping to run their thriving greenhouse program for the clients, running a garden program for the terminally ill at the Fletcher Allen Hospital in Burlington, VT, and pairing me with the founder of the Horticultural Therapy movement in the US, Alice Wessels Burlingame of Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, she wrote the book Hoe for Health....His belief in me and in the value of Hort Therapy, was the seed that started The Song Garden, which has become my own personal gigantic Horticultural Therapy garden, unknowingly, unwittingly, and magically. I am humbled and astounded at how it's all been playing out since we put in the first seedlings in honor of my father's life and death back in 2009....using the garden as our own personal horticultural therapy healing place...and now it has evolved into a healing place for hundreds of people that the garden knows well but I will never know.

Honored to meet Paul A. Becerra, landscape designer of Garden Design, Venice, CA at the garden today! Here he is, his very first visit to New Hampshire EVER, visiting the garden. I asked to take his picture as his bouquet was stunning! He graciously obliged!

Natalia Wrobel, artist/painter/Cambridge, MA, at work, drawing inspiration from Morgan Perrone's gorgeous floral arrangement, created from our pick your own garden. Morgan is the owner of the awesome Valley Flower Company, WRJct, VT. Morgan and Natalial arrived yesterday afternoon, hoping to draw inspiration from the garden and to create art pieces inspired by nature, particularly flowers. I'd say, they tapped into it beautifully! We were thrilled to see them at the garden. Our patrons were also thrilled and inspired by the vision of these two beautiful artists taking time out from their own busy lives to enjoy a light hearted and inspired Sunday afternoon of beauty and art together right here!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Hey, I think I'm a florist again! Back when I was a young gal and a young mom, I was a full time floral designer in a lovely shop here in W. Leb. called Evergreen...KMart shopping plaza......Legendary shop, actually. Four years there cranking out the seasonal arrangements as well as the year round birthday flowers, the 'just because' flowers, sympathy flowers and all the rest. My biggest claim to fame at that time was that I created all of the centerpieces for the Democratic Presidential Debate held in Hanover, NH....for a dinner for all of the Presidential candidates, including, Gary HART! haha. A carved out pineapple with an arrangement coming out of the top. I also created all of the dried arrangements for the Woodstock Inn lobby back then too (early '80's).....worked at several florist shops....always swearing I'd NEVER own my own.....but here I am doing it my way.....with one little glass door floral cooler during my summers off from teaching music during the school year..... and making bouquets and arrangements every day from my own pick your own flower farm.... on's so much fun. It's actually a thrill for me.......and after this summer's garden is put to bed, I will be taking your floral arrangement orders for all of the holidays for your special gifts for loved ones......dream big and then take steady baby steps towards it.....that's what's going on's also called 'FULL CIRCLE!!!