Friday, March 14, 2014

Song Garden Painting! Gorgeous! We just happened to stumble upon this on the web! Artists come to the garden for inspiration each summer. It's thrilling to see this piece. We'd know our flowers, arbor, and trellises anywhere! So, of course, we had to purchase it! YAY!

Song Garden in Art: Painting for Sale
Artist's Description: "A beautiful garden in Cornish, New Hampshire, USA. It's a pick your own garden; you leave a donation for the beautiful flowers of your choice. You can also stop for tea in the teahouse, a former studio of one of the artists of the Cornish Art Colony." 

Lynne Schulte, Artist.  
I am an artist who has presented several solo exhibits in Kansas, Washington DC, Vermont, and Massachusetts. Primary among my themes are fluid water images stirred by the rocky shores of Maine, the salt water marshes of Massachusetts and Appalachian trail streams; floral works inspired by my gardens, roadside and winter florist gleanings, and landscapes of Vermont, Maine, and Massachusetts. I take photographs, create monotypes and mixed media pieces, and paint in oil, watercolor, and pastels. My mixed media pieces respond to nature and concept and often contain partially hidden poetry. My true subject is color and light and life metaphor. 

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Yes. Our pick your own flower farm is run on donations!

Yes. Our pick your own flower farm is run on donations. Patrons come, pick flowers in exchange for their donations, whatever they can afford. This means that picking flowers on our farm is not just for the well to's for everyone. A morning or an afternoon of peace and beauty...moments like this should be available to everyone. That's what we believe and so far, because of our faithful patrons' and our friends' really kind and wonderful donations (of any size), the garden continues to bloom for us all. This is our sixth summer! It's a very unique financial model, but so far, it works nicely and has been a pleasant surprise for all who find themselves at The Song Garden. Thanks for donating and keeping this very special place going for another season!

Getting Antsy!

Getting Antsy!