Saturday, February 15, 2014

New books just arrived by UPS truck on this very snowy New England afternoon! Perfect timing! Thrilled to add these to my collection!

Specialty Cut Flowers, by Allan M. Armitage and Judy M. Laushman
Local Color:  Growing Specialty Cut Flowers, by Frank and Pamela Arnosky
The 50 Mile Bouquet: Seasonal, Local, and Sustainable Flowers, 
by Debra Prinzing and David E. Perry
Fresh From the Field Wedding Flowers: An Illustrated Guide to Using Local and 
                 Sustainable Flowers for Your Wedding, by Lynn Byczynski and Erin Benzakein

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Song Garden Plant List for 2014!!!

Ageratum Blue Horizon
Celosia Celway Formula Mix
Celosia Sunday Mix
Delphinium Pacific Giant
Gomphrena QIS Mix
Gomphrena QIS RED
Lisianthus Excalipher Blue Picotee
Lisianthus Double Echo Blue
Lisianthus Double Echo Magic
Lisianthus Double Echo Mix
Lisianthus Double Mariachi Grande White
Lisianthus Double Mariachi Mix
Bells of Ireland (Molucella  Laevis)
Rudbeckia Hirta Cherokee Sunset
Rudbeckia Hirta Denver Daisy
Rudbeckia Hirta Indian Summer
Snapdragon Rocket Mix
Verbena Bonariensis Finesse
Zinnia Benery Giant Mix
Zinnia Zahara Mix
Zinnia Zahara Starlight Rose
Gourds ~ Daisy Mix
Gourds ~ Birdhouse
Gourds ~ Small Fancy Mix
Gourds ~ Bushel
Pumpkins ~ Dill’s Atlantic Giant
Pumpkins ~ Connecticut Fields
Pumpkins ~ Prizewinner
Sunflower ~ Waooh!
Lupine Russell’s Extra Choice Mix
Love in a Mist Nigella
Strawflower ~ Apricot/Peach
Limelight Spray Millet Ornamental Grass
Amaranth Opopeo
Sweet Pea Mammoth Choice
Amaranth Autumn’s Touch
Amaranth Hot Biscuits
Amaranth Love Lies Bleeding
 Basil Cinnamon
Cosmos Daydream
Cosmos Gloria
Sweet Pea King’s High Scent
Zinnia Envy
Zinnia Queen Lime
Anise Hyssop
Calendula Bronzed Beauty
Celosia Pampas Plume
Tithonia Fiesta Del Sol
Edelweiss ~ Leontopodium Alpinum
Wild Lupine
Dolichos Lablab Hyacinth Bean
Red Leaved Hyacinth Bean
Heavenly Blue Morning Glory
Gomphrena Strawberry Fields
Strawflower Tall Mix
Basil Genova
Stevia Herb
Nasturtium Zanzibar
Cosmos Rubenza
Nasturtium Alaska Mix
Nasturtium Whirlybird Mix
Zinnia Benary’s Giant Lime
Purple Majesty Ornamental Millet
Sunflower Soraya
Rudbeckia Prairie Sun
Zinnia State Fair Mix
Zinnia Edwardian Mix
Zinnia Giant Cactus Mix
Amaranth Red
Campanula Champion Blue
Coleus Kong Rose
Zinnia Inca
Celosia Bombay Mix
Tithonia Torch
Zinnia Pinca
Sunflower Sunrich Orange Summer
Sunflower Pro Cut Orange
Dill Dukat
Coleus Kong Red
Sunflower Goldy Double
Lemon Verbena
Lemon Balm
Bee Balm
Dahlias Galore
Gladiolus Galore
Colorado Yarrow
Datura Angel Trumpet
Sweet Annie
Peonies   Shirley Temple and Sarah Bernhardt
Rudbeckia Goldsturm
Golden Glow
Helianthus Maximiliani
Rudbeckia Trilloba
Joe Pye Weed
Perennial Sweet Pea