Thursday, October 16, 2014

Had a wonderful time working with mostly white flowers for my own daughter's wedding last weekend in Plymouth, MA. Worked out of my car in the venue parking lot on a gorgeous, warm, fall day. Three of her best friends helped out after they had their first Florist Skills 101 course on the spot, curbside! So much fun!

One white Dahlia and one cream Cafe au Lait Dahlia tucked in from The Song Garden.

                                 Grandmother's pearls for 'something borrowed'...

                               Jars full of 7 small nosegays for the two moms and the sisters

Wonderful to have a car that doubles as a floral design workshop!

Boutonnieres galore!

My daughter's best friends from college...Learning how to wire and tape boutonnieres on the spot.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Still blooming at the garden! Come on down!

Please check out our Facebook posting from this afternoon.  Tons of glorious pictures of the flowers we have in bloom right now, Thursday October 2nd, 2014.  It's amazingly beautiful at the garden today!  The flowers are just waiting for you to come pick them for your weekend events.  Tomorrow will be a beautiful day, just perfect for picking....the rest of the weekend.....hmmm...rainy.  So tomorrow looks like a great day for you to dash over to the garden and pick your bouquets.  Thanks for your patronage!  We really appreciate it!

The Song Garden Facebook Page. 
 Check it out for today's flowers! Click here!