Thursday, August 30, 2012

Flowers/Tea/Treats in exchange for your donation/contribution to our work at The Song Garden and Tea House

Here's an update for what's been going on at the garden and tea house this summer.

We have had LOTS of wonderful visitors, many of whom have been repeat customers.  This makes us so happy.

Folks come to pick flowers, to have a small tea party in the tea house, to walk the grounds, to sit in our lawn chairs and enjoy the views, to lie in the moss and look up at the find quiet alone time, to be with dear friends for a long, leisurely sit at our little frog pond and count the frogs (we've counted 11) set up easels and paint the scenery...alone or with artist write/finish dissertations (!!!) find emotional find inspiration for their own art...
to gather flowers for weddings, memorial services, births, birthdays, hospital inpatients, elderly friends and relatives living in nursing homes and for shut ins...folks have come with their children to have fun with the children's tea table and dolls, with their grandchildren to celebrate family time get away from the internet (we do NOT have wifi and we are proud of that fact!) gather with friends/coworkers in honor of a loved one/friend who has passed away and to have tea and scones in the loved one's sing Shape Note hymns, to have pot luck dinners, to watch the pumpkins watch the sunsets...

We have been honored by the steady stream of visitors and by the extremely complimentary comments left in the log books in the garden tent and in the tea house.  Thank you all for your generous 'donations' when picking flowers and having tea/treats.  So much work goes into making the place
beautiful.  The work starts in March/April when Dan Hertzler and I grow seeds and plugs in our greenhouses.  In May, we plant 3,000 annuals and perennials with family members and friends (Memorial Day Weekend is planting weekend ~ if you'd like to help us plant next year, we'd be THRILLED to have you! ( to sign up!)...from Memorial Day weekend through the first week of Oct. the garden has to be weeded frequently, insects have to be kept at bay, the grounds need to be mowed weekly, the garden needs to be mowed weekly, the infrastructure must be kept up (deer fence, tea house exterior/interior, etc.), supplies must be purchased (fertilizer (Organic), landscape fabric, etc.)...It's a lot of work but we LOVE it or we would not do it!

This time of year, late Aug., early Sept., the flowers seem to SHOOT UP in height and take on a second wind!  They love the cooler temps and they respond with a late summer burst of blooms.  The garden is awash in color today and glows in the summer sunsets...

We are delighted with the steady flow of visitors and with the generous donations.  Thank you, sincerely, from both of us, Peggy and Dan.  We work hard on the property and in the Tea House and we sure do appreciate your patronage and your appreciation of what we do.

We are two thirds into the season with a full 1/3 left.  The garden will be open until the first week of Oct. and The Tea House will be open until Sept. 30th.

Dan's Daily Mt. Ascutney and Cornish Windsor Covered Bridge Photos

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Testimonials written in the log book this summer

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!  The kindness of it brings a tear to my eye!"

"It's raining outside, but we're snug in this lovely little cabin.  The china, the children's  area, the crazy quilt and pictures are all wonderful! I can't wait to come again and linger among the flowers!"

"So we had such a magical tea party for my granddaughter's ninth birthday.  We felt a little like Goldilocks and the Three Bears!  The children were enraptured!  Of course, we are now going out to pick flowers!  ~ Our love, appreciation, and admiration."

"Thank you for letting us come enjoy your little slice of Heaven.  It was the most magical time for myself and the children."

"I love this magical place and wish I could come here every day!"

"This is a special place.  It is most lovely.  I will definitely come here again. Thank you for letting us use it."

"Thank you for sharing your magical wonderland!"

"This little paradise you've created, is an oasis of joy!  Thank you for sharing this gem!"

"What a beautiful sanctuary for rest and relaxation.  It is perfect."

"Happened upon this special place while biking past.  Thank you."

"What loveliness!  Tea for three!"

"These flowers will be used for our rehearsal dinner and ceremony in Woodstock."

"Thank you for creating this beautiful, generous place."

"Thank you for a lovely respite on a rainy summer day.  Where are the three little bears?"

"What a treasure!"

"An enchanting place, magical and healing.  A complete delight!  Thank you so much for creating and sharing this marvelous place and experience.  You've thought of every detail to make it Heavenly!"

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Pumpkins are early! Flowers are in full bloom! Lovely mountain views and relaxing grounds! Tea is hot or iced! Stop by for a peaceful moment in a busy week.

  • Pick your own flowers! (We provide all that you need: scissors, baskets, vases, etc.)
  • Pick your own pumpkins! (they are ready early!)
  • Pour your own tea! (Enjoy a cup of tea in our Tea House, once used as William Ladd Taylor's painting studio ~ a member of the original Cornish Art Colony in the early 1900's.)
  • Fresh flower arrangement is on the table which has been set with china and is ready for your tea party.
  • Fresh lemonade, iced tea, coffee, hot water with an assortment of tea, and lovely prewrapped treats await your visit!

The Song Garden Flower Farm and Tea House 
St. Gaudens Road ~ Cornish, NH
Tea House closes on Sept. 30th
Flower Garden is open until frost in Oct.!
7 days a week 9 a.m. - 7 p.m.

Late Summer Bounty! Rudbeckia Triloba, Zinnias, Celosia, Basil, Red Gomphrena, White Lisitanthus, Blue Horizon Ageratum, Love Lies Bleeding...

Monday, August 13, 2012

Fall Bulb Fundraiser for our Garden.

Flower Power Fundraiser ~ Fall Bulbs!

A Personal Message from the Campaign Manager

We are a free will donation flower farm for the Upper Valley community. There are high costs involved in creating such a garden: Seeds, Plugs, Bulbs, Artesian Well, Drip Tape Irrigation System, Solar Water Pump and Solar Panels, Landscape Fabric, Fabric Staples, Fencing, Organic Fertilizer, Greenhouses, Electric Heat in the Greenhouses, Greenhouse Shelving, Water Bill, Tools, Mulch, Top Soil, Compost, Netting, Books, Web Site Costs, Advertising, etc. etc. etc. Thank you for considering making a purchase of these special bulbs from this reputable company for your own home gardens....The Song Garden will receive an amazing 50% of your purchase price and we will be able to continue to offer a beautiful destination, Tea House, and Pick Your Own Flower Farm for many summers to come!!!!!!!