Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Happy Soap and Lip Balm Customer of the Day!

Testimonial from a happy beauty product customer who ordered 4 types of our soap and several lip balm tubes:

"WOW! That's some order I received today!!!!!
More than I was expecting and a whole bag of my FAVORITE lip balm too!!!!!
I cannot believe how great they smell and how gorgeous they all are. These are amazing products."

Check out our soap on     click on the "Purchase Soap, Lotions, and Lip Balm" page.

We have sold out on a few products, but we are offering some beautiful Earth Scented Gnomes Soaps and some GORGEOUS Chocolate Covered Strawberry Heart Shaped Soaps.  We are adding more soap to the page as time goes along.

Each batch is freshly made and in a small quantity.  If you'd like to custom order, you can! 

What's going on in our greenhouses on 5/2/12? Here's a peek!

Seedlings and Plugs all growing happily in our two beloved portable greenhouses.

These two greenhouses are housing thousands of seedlings and plugs now.  Everything is growing so well in our "Grow Compost of Vermont" Seedling Soil!  We will be planting
all of these in our two gardens on Memorial Day weekend.  We have been transplanting
thousands of plugs into cell packs this week.  We started hundreds of seeds back in March.