Sunday, March 25, 2012

When you come to the Garden/Tea House this summer, please comment in our journal. We love the testimonials. They keep us inspired to do it all over again each summer. We plant 3,000 annuals in late May, we pull them all out in mid November. A labor of love. Thank you for your beautiful comments! Here are just a few from the Tea House journal of 2011.

  • "You have created a magical zone of living beauty and peace with the garden. Offering tea adds a meditative aspect to The Song Garden, and turns visitors into friends."   

  • "Utterly Charming!"

  • "Just what my soul needs.  Keep on singing!  It's lovely!  Thanks so much for sharing your dream!"

  • "Wow!  You've worked your magic once again!  It's beautiful!"
  • "What a darling, beautiful space you've created!  We don't underestimate how much work you have put into this!  Thank you!"
  • "A little paradise!"

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Saturday, March 3, 2012

2012 Song Garden Plant List

2012 Plant List!

Ammi Green Mist
Aster Matsumoto Mix
Celosia Sunday Mix
Cosmos Versailles Mix
Delphinium Pacific Giant Summer Skies
Gomphrena QIS Mix
Gomphrena Red
Lisianthus Double Cinderella Mix
Lisianthus Double Echo Mix
Lisianthus Double Mariachi Mix
Rudbeckia Hirta Indian Summer
Rudbeckia Hirta Prairie Sun
Snapdragon Rocket Formula Mix
Statice QIS Mix
Stocks Matthiola Incana Goldcut Mix
Zinnia Benary Giant Mix
Zinnia Oklahoma Mix
Zinnia Sun Sunshine Mix
Zinnia Uproar

Helianthus Maximiliani
Nigella Damascena Mulberry Rose
Nigella Persian Jewels
Black Knight Ammi False Queen Anne's Lace
Sunshine Flashback Calendula
Deja Vu Calendula
Bachelor's Button Florist Blue Boy
Lime LIght Spray Millet Grass
Frosted Explosion Grass
Opopeo Amaranthus
Love Lies Bleeding Amaranthus
Emerald Tassels Amaranthus
Ruby Moon Hyacinth Bean
Sweet Annie Artemisia
Pampas Plume Celosia
Sea Shells Cosmos
Tangerine Gem Marigold
Heavenly Blue Morning Glory
Kaleidoscope Mix Nasturtium
Love in a Mist Nigella
Apricot/Peach Strawflower
Royal Mix Sweet Pea
Mexican Sun Torch Tithonia
Verbena Bonariensis
Mammoth Choice Mix Sweet Pea
Colorado Yarrow
Mrs. Burns' Lemon Basil
Cinnamon Basil
Bouquet Mix Basil

Dill's Atlantic Giant Pumpkin
Prizewinner F1 Pumpkin

Sweet Genovese Basil
Moonwalker Sunflower
Queen Lime Zinnia

Super Giant Zinnia
Soraya Sunflower
Howden Biggie Pumpkin
Connecticut Field Pumpkin
Kong Sunflower
Autumn Explosion Indian Corn