Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Relief from the dreaded Empty Nest Syndrome...I've got one word, well, maybe two words: CRAFTS and GARDENING

Honestly, any kind  of hobby will do to banish the blues of the empty nest.  For me, there are definitely a few things that keep my blues away.....my music, my gardens (and the dreaming all winter of the garden to come), and my crafts.  Last year I discovered the absolute joys of making my own lip balm!  (www.thesage.com for WONDERFUL "Lip Solutions Base".  Check it out.  So EASY!!!).  This year I have discovered the absolute joys of making my own soap!!! (www.brambleberry.com- M and P (Melt and Pour) soap bases!!!  So EASY!)
There is something so therapeutic about the fragrances, the flavors, the melting of the lip balm and soap bases, the whole process from start to finish of creating the products....and then the joy of giving it to family and friends and bringing them such delight, or the joy of SELLING your products at a local crafts fair, farmers market, or church bazaar.  Next time you're feeling the blues...think CRAFTS.  (And we didn't even discuss KNITTING!  Wow!  I guess I need to get out the yarn now!  Talk about a really therapeutic hobby!). Remember, we are all in this Empty Nest thing together.  It's not easy, but knowing you're not the only one having to reinvent your life without the kids...makes it easier to take.  : )

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