Saturday, September 24, 2011

  • "You have created a magical zone of living beauty and peace with the garden. Offering tea adds a meditative aspect to The Song Garden, and turns visitors into friends."
    "Utterly Charming!
    "Just what my soul needs.  Keep on singing!  It's lovely!  Thanks so much for sharing your dream!
  • "Wow!  You've worked your magic once again!  It's beautiful!"
  • "What a darling, beautiful space you've created!  We don't underestimate how much work you have put into this!  Thank you!"
  • "A little paradise!"
  • "Thank you for sharing your piece of Heaven.. Thanks for this magical place!"
  • “It’s paradise here!” 

    “I’ll be looking forward to coming back.  Really a perfect
    Retreat space!”

    “Nice respite.”

    “What a darling spot!”

    “What a special spot and discovery!  Thank you for this
    Wonderful vision and for sharing it!”

    “You have a wonderful creation here!  Thank you for having the vision to create such an amazing little tea room!”

    “A glimpse of heaven.  Thank you for creating this beautiful, peaceful sanctuary.”

    Thank you for the flowers!

    “We were enchanted!”

    “We love it!  Thank you!”

    “Wonderful, restful spot.”

    “Came back to this wonderful place and brought a friend.
    Had tea and sat and talked.  Feel refreshed again!”

    “A wonderful wonder!  Just perfect.  Thank you for the replenishment
    Flowers are totally fantastic!”

    “Wonderful birthday present to myself!  A peaceful place
    To sip tea and contemplate ‘building’a floral arrangement!  Thanks!”

    “A beautiful gift from a friend.  I would love to move in here.”

    “Bonjour!  Long Live Open Hearts!  From a friend up north!”

    “What a wonderful surprise!  A beautiful and peaceful place to share.  And I love that it is run by honesty!”

    “A beautiful respite.  Thank you so much!”

    “What a wonderful gift from my sister!  I will share it with another loved one.”

    “As much fun the second time!”                   “LOVELY!”                 “Love this beautiful place!”
                 "We love the Tea House, and, of course, the flowers are amazing!"
                 "Beautiful!  Thanks for the 'time out'!"
  • "So inspiring!  Thank you, Peg, for your help in bringing locally grown flowers to my wedding work!"
    "Love this!  I feel like I am in Alice in Wonderland's Dream!"
  • "Thank you.  This is magical!"

Friday, September 16, 2011

Henry Homeyer wrote a great article about our garden last hit many many newspapers and magazines. Check it out. Click little gray link below.

Song Garden Article in Green Yankee

The article is all about last summer when we had a major drought.  At that time, Dan had to bring water to the site via pick up truck for 10 weeks!  That situation got us to hire Jim Linn to come and dowse a great well site.  We then had an artesian well company come and drill our well, which was only 185 feet deep!  That's good work on Jim's part for dowsing such a good spot on our land!  So now, we have a wonderful artesian well which is SOLAR powered with a solar pump and two panels we bought from a wonderful neighbor who is completely off the grid and had lots of extra panels on his property.  So, our garden is now watered by the sun!   The water pumps into a 300 gal holding tank, then, when we turn the lever, the water is gravity fed down the hill and into our drip tape irrigation system, which is made up of 2 tapes per 70' row...10 rows.   It's amazing to have our garden's watering system so under control and totally off the grid!!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Martha Zoerheide is our Favorite Massage Therapist!

Our favorite massage therapist!  Martha works from home (which is across the road from The Song Garden) or from The Healing Arts Clinic and Mt. Ascutney Hospital in Windsor, VT.   Pamper yourself!  

Here's Martha's information!

  • Martha Zoerheide CLMT,LPN is a 
  • National Certified NH Licensed Massage Therapist graduating from 
  • DoveStar Alchemia Institute In NH in 1996 and usually does massages at the 
  • Healing Arts Clinic @ Mt Ascutney Hospital in Windsor VT
  • She offers a Kriya massage which is a Swedish Massage along with several techniques such as neuromuscular reprograming and triggerpoint techniques.. 
  • Martha is a Reiki II practioner which she combines with her training in 
  • Healing Touch and Therapeutic Touch, this allows her to connect with the energies of the body which helps to give the client a very relaxed experience and chase away the aches and pains of daily living.
Contact Martha at:

Monday, September 5, 2011

Check out our official web site by clicking on the link above...Thank you!

We will close down the first week of October or when the frost closes our garden for us.

Stop by for flowers, tea, potpourri, and some down time ~ alone or with family and friends on our property in the Cornish Hills.

Song Garden Fun Fact: Our flowers are watered by the sun, literally. We have installed solar panels which power our solar well pump. Water is pumped into a 300 gal storage tank. When the garden needs water, we simply turn the lever and the water is gravity fed into our vast drip tape system.

After some soul searching...we've decided that YES, our pumpkins will be for sale! We won't sell them until the end of Sept., however, as we want to see how BIG they will get!!!!!!! If you'd like to 'adopt' one to take home by late Sept. and even into Oct...please call or email us and we will mark your pumpkin as SOLD! Of course, there's always the risk of 'crop theft' when you leave your pumpkins in the garden...Maybe we will be blessed and protected. Such glorious pumpkins. Here's Dan with Boris and Bruno!

The garden is in full bloom still...We will be open for one more month, until the first week of Oct....then The Song Garden of 2011 will be but a beautiful and pleasant summer memory...Thank you to everyone who has supported The Song Garden over the years. Please stop by and pick some fresh, local bouquets for your friends, family, and for yourselves! It's a glorious time of year in the garden. It's the annuals time to shine!

Stop by for a cup of tea and a peaceful visit to the tea house. We have delicious iced or hot tea or coffee and lovely lemon shortbread cookies and biscotti awaiting your arrival...We will be open for one more month...then the tea house of 2011 will be but an enchanting memory. Thanks to everyone who has stopped by and made our tea house so successful this summer.