Sunday, August 29, 2010

Glorious End of the Summer Days!

Took these photos last night during a lovely pink and peachy sunset. Heading into the last month of summer, when some plants decide to pack it in for the season and go to sleep and others decide to wake up and create a real splash...grand finale of blooms! We will have flowers in bloom until early Oct. It's been a grand season and it continues with the appearance of our Sunflowers and Glads, along with the ever blooming Lisianthus (like pink/white roses), Verbena Bonariensis and Ageratums (purples), and the trademark row of Black Eyed Susans.....along with Amaranth galore and the ever blooming Zinnas...Come visit and enjoy picking a bouquet for friends, family, your own kitchen table.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Two Beautiful Friends in the Garden This Week!

The Claremont Garden Club Visited The Garden This Evening

A wonderful time was had by all! This garden club was started in Claremont, NH by Jolly Gardner in 1950. Jolly attended this meeting and Dan and I were very honored to have such a long standing garden club spend their Aug. meeting at The Song Garden.