Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Song Garden Pick Your Own Flowers will open mid JULY

We are busy growing our flowering plants in the nursery and we will be planting them this weekend, Memorial Day weekend! So, it will take some time for them to come into bloom, as most are annuals.....last year, the garden opened on July 19th. Hard to predict when the garden will open this summer, what with this WILD hot and wonderful weather we are having so early!!!

Keep checking the blog for our updates on when we will be fully open for cutting!

After we plant, we will have lots of extra plants for sale at the Windsor Farmer's Market and also at our garden booth. We'll keep you informed as to when our plants will be available.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

A very happy customer's photos

I was out weeding the garden today and a woman stopped by to hand me an envelope containing these four pictures. She wanted me to see some of the arrangements she had made from our flowers last summer! This gesture really warmed my heart and made all the weeding for this summer's garden seem very worthwhile! We will have another glorious garden this summer, if mother nature behaves and if the seedlings survive their hardening off training over the next couple of weeks!