Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pick the flowers you want and pay us what you want. Sold by your FREE WILL DONATION

Welcome to The Song Garden Blog! Click on photos in this column to enlarge!

Welcome to The Song Garden Blog! In order to enjoy this blog's full potential, don't forget, you can click on the photos in this column in order to see them enlarged. Enjoy the blog! And do try to come to the garden some time in the next few weeks. It's in it's full glory.

Give a bouquet to a friend in need. Bring a bouquet home to your kitchen table. Come by yourself or bring your friends and family. Fun activity.

The Song Gatden. 72' x 60'. Ten rows packed with flowers! Shots from a few weeks ago!

The Song Garden in late July!

Strawflower, White Dill, Tall Ageratum, Amazing Black Eyed Susan, Statice, Yarrow, Zinnias, Cosmos, Coreopsis, Dahlia, Sweet Pea, Snaps, Asters.......

Come check out the garden and have fun making your own bouquets. The garden is in full bloom and everyday it's more and more and more and more and more! Located in a peaceful and beautiful location, with a lovely mountain view, on a slight hillside in the heart of the Cornish Art Colony. We provide shears and flower picking baskets for your use while at the garden, clear sleeves, rubber bands, and floral preservative for you to take...and we sell inexpensive vases as well. FREE WILL DONATION garden...write what you paid in our log book, and place the cash or check in our money box. Thank you for looking at our blog. It's fun to update! We've found that it's difficult to catch the full glory of the garden in photos. The garden is even more beautiful in real life! We are already looking ahead to next year!

Cosmos, Coreopsis, Gomphrena...Galore