Monday, July 27, 2009

Dan's Made a Whimsical Bluebird House! It Lives High on a Maple Tree In Front of the "Stumps"!

Dan asked me to post this picture of the
birdhouse he built for the resident bluebirds that have been living
in one of the pine stumps. It's a duplex! Kind of a SpongeBob
Pinnochio motif.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Heath Sisters..."Sing a Song...Plant a Seed"

Click on the above title to hear snippets of some of our Heath Sisters music. We've been holding some really productive, and fun, rehearsals at the garden. Singing to the flowers! You can also check out our Web site:

Zowie Zinnia!!! A Song Garden "Favorite"!

Several people came to the garden today.
I was there to mow the grass paths and do some weeding and right after I finished my work, a woman came to cut flowers, then she left and another wonderful woman came to cut, then Kevin and Diane came by for a long overdue and fun visit and to cut, and then Sue and Maricel dropped by and soon our garden chairs were filled with friends, stories, and laughter. We are as passionate about connecting with family and friends, and meeting new friends at the garden this summer as we are about the garden. Thank you to everyone who is supporting our dream garden. Means the world to us.

My Awesome Gardening Shoes! "Alice" by Crocs.