Monday, February 23, 2009

Song Garden Plant List '09

Lilies: Stargazer, Casablanca
Wide Assortment of Oriental and Asiatic Lilies
Basil- Sweet Genovese
Lavender- English
Mint- Lemon Balm
Black Eyed Susans- Indian Summer
Shasta Daisies-
Lupine- Russell Series, Perennial Blue
Bee Balm- Panorama Red Shades-
Rudbeckia, Black Eyed Susan- Prairie Sun, Goldilocks
Lupine Perennial Purple
White Dill
Black Knight Carrot (purple blossoms)
Green Mist Dill
Mrs. Burn’s Lemon Basil
Cinnamon Basil
Chinese Lanterns
Statice- Supreme Blue, Sunset Mix
Morning Glory, “Heavenly Blue”
Nigella, “Love in a Mist”
Bells of Ireland
Straw Flower
Batchelor’s Buttons Florist Blue Boy, Choice Mix
Ageratums- Red Top, White Bouquet, Blue Horizon
Sweet Peas- Royal Mix
Zinnias- Benery’s Giant Mix, Oklahoma Formula Mix, Benery’s Giant Lime, Pastel Dreams, Profusion Mix, Purple Dahlia
Snapdragon Rocket Mix-
Sweet Pea: Old Spice
Celosia: Amaranth Cockscomb Mix
Cosmos- Bright Lights, Versailles Mix
Aster Perfection Mix-

Wildflowers: Northern Lights Mix

Sunflowers: Sunbright, Sunbright Supreme,Pro Cut Orange
Salvia Gruppenblau