Craft Ideas

A wonderful day for projects! We made Butterscotch and Black Cherry Lip Balm and Bergamot/Chamomile Olive Oil Soap! Homemade Gifts are the best. What can you make for your loved ones this holiday season? Melt and Pour Soap is amazingly EASY! I do not represent Majestic Mountain Sage, but I swear by their products for my crafts...check them out

It's been a very crafty Thanksgiving Weekend with friends and family. We made the traditional Clove Oranges, of course, and we got out all the supplies for making Grapevine Wreaths...with flowers that we dried from The Song Garden, plus pine cones from the ground and some moss and fixin's that we bought from our suppliers.

Thanksgiving Decoupage Leaf Luminaries!!! Spent the day with my sister and she showed me how to make her special candle holders. 
So easy! So Pretty!

Decoupage Luminaries

Craft Glue
Paint Brush
Leaves/Potpourri Botanicals
Mason Jars
White Tissue Paper
Tea Light or Votive Candles

~Brush the glue on the mason jar
~Place leaves and botanicals on the glue
~Cover with white tissue paper
~Brush the glue on the tissue paper

These will take a couple of days to dry.
When dry, you can place your candle in the jar, light it and place the jar on your dinner table.  Beautiful and simple.

I have to say that I had a wonderfully relaxing, almost meditative time making about 5 of these with my sister today.  We talked about everything under the sun while making some very pretty crafts that will be used for her Thanksgiving table.  Homemade feels so good.

Making Clove Oranges

'Tis the season for gatherings of family and friends!
Our family has a tradition of making Pomander Oranges as we sit together after a glorious holiday meal.  It's a great way to spend time together, chatting and laughing, as we all create our own little Pomander masterpieces.  The scent of fresh oranges and cloves is heavenly.

Supplies needed:
  • A Bag of Juice Oranges (Navel)
  • Whole Cloves (buy in bulk online~you will save lots of money that way. The small glass jars of whole cloves in the grocery stores are much too expensive! My big tip:   for Whole Cloves @ $11/lb. )
  • Toothpicks (Small Nail or Pushpin)
  • Red, Green, or Gold Ribbon
  • Simply poke a hole in the orange with the toothpick or nail 
  • and then push a clove into the hole!  It's that simple!  You can cover the entire orange in cloves (like my great  grandmother would do ~ only she did it with her bare thumbs!  OUCH!) or you can make swirls or other artistic designs.
~Tie a ribbon around the orange when it's finished and hang it in your closet or anywhere!
~Fill up a bowl with the finished oranges for a lovely table centerpiece.  
~Place the  orange in a drawer and use it as a sachet to add a sweet fragrance to your undergarments!  
~Makes a very thoughtful holiday gift for a dear friend/relative.  
~If you are making these pomanders as an activity at a party, each guest can take his/her orange home with them as a remembrance of the special time spent with you.

This is a very simple, EASY project that your family and guests will LOVE to do.  

Here are some pics of several of my family members having a fun conversation after a wonderful Thanksgiving meal last year (2010) while making the 'traditional' and much anticipated "Clove Oranges", as well refer to them!