Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The garden is in all its glory right now. Steady flow of wonderful customers. Beautiful sentiments left in our log book. We are incredibly happy with this summer's garden and our new floral cooler and the tea house and well, with everything about the whole feeling of this year's efforts. It's so much work and there is no once and for all, as weeds are continuously growing and lawns continually need mowing, flowers need dead heading, etc., but we are keeping up with it and we are enjoying every blessed minute. Dan and I found out what we love to do together in the garden: spread manure! A neighbor raises rabbits and told us that rabbit manure is awesome for flower, we have been spreading it all over the place and we are seeing the difference! Dan pushes the wheelbarrow and I scoop it and shake it around. See, the beauty of rabbit manure is that it acts as a slow release every time it rains, or we water, the fertilizer is released....awesome.

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