Thursday, January 9, 2014

New campaign in progress and we'd love your help in keeping this garden going for the Upper Valley Community and visitors to our beautiful area here in Cornish, NH. We have exchanged our pick your own flowers for free will donations for five years now and it's time we asked for a little financial help from song garden admirers and folks who would like to bring smiles to hundreds of folks who stop by for a moment's peace and a bouquet, regardless of their means to pay. THANK YOU! We know it's a very unique will donation...but it's fitting for the land and for our feeling of trying a different way of bringing flowers and joy into people's lives. We have a lot of expenses to keep this garden a float each especially, and then there's the labor. We need a bit o' help to encourage us and cheer us on! Thanks for considering a donation to this unique and beloved garden.
Thanks for your amazing donations so far! It's Hard to believe, in looking back at these pics, how this garden started out. In Oct. of 2008, Jim came along and plowed up the field. Then Dan and I got on our hands and knees and actually turned over all the grassy rows, grass side upside down...and then Dan rototilled it a few times with a rented tiller that broke! Then the garden sat all winter and in the spring Dan shoveled lots of beautiful composted manure onto each row. Then we covered them with landscape fabric.

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