Monday, September 2, 2013

Corner of St. Gaudens and Dingleton Hill Roads. Come and get 'em!!! Rain makes the colors POP! We are in full bloom mode now. Please come on up and cut to your heart's delight. We lovingly and carefully make fresh iced tea and lemonade every day. We also make fresh flower arrangements for the tea house's beauty, as well as try our best, thanks be to DAN Hertzler, to keep the place manicured, mowed and beautiful for your personal pleasure. September is the most bountiful and glorious month in a mostly annuals garden. We realize that our place is more than just a pick your own flower garden. It has become a destination for relaxation and personal reflection/meditation for many of our patrons. We honor that and we feel honored that so many people come to this little oasis for all that it has to offer: flowers, tea, cookies, and personal emotional well being.

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