Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Still planting the gardens! The rain has finally stopped and the beds are finally drying out! What a wild planting season it's been, weather-wise! But we are close to finished now and it will be a gorgeous garden in about a month and a half, say July 20th or so. Our flowers really come into full bloom late July and bloom into early Oct. The Tea House opens July 1st, but please know that the gardens are just in their newly planted stage right now and need time to grow. The grounds are lovely no matter what.

Tea House and grounds open for the season on July 1st

***  Please note:   The pick your own flower garden is planted in late May/early June, so the flowers are not ready for picking until mid-late July....but you are welcome to come to the grounds to enjoy the beauty while sipping a cup of tea before the flowers bloom!  

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