Friday, December 16, 2011

Henry Homeyer: The Gardening Guy! He introduced me to my favorite gardening tool, The CobraHead Weeder and Garden Cultivator! Thank you, Henry! Click on this title to check out his great website!

Here I am and a very happy camper, indeed, last May, during planting weekend! Why so happy?  THE COBRA is an amazing tool that made my job so much easier, planting 3,000 annual 'plugs'!

Henry Homeyer is a life-long organic gardener who has lived in Cornish Flat, NH since 1970 (except for his time in Africa as a Peace Corps volunteer and country director).

He writes a weekly gardening column that appears in 12 newspapers around New England, and has written for the New York Times, The Boston Globe and other newspapers. He was the Vermont/New Hampshire associate editor for People, Places and Plants magazine for 10 years (until it went out of business).

He is a regular monthly commentator on Vermont Public Radio and is a UNH master Gardener. Henry teaches Sustainable Gardening at Granite State College.

I have a lot to thank Henry for...especially for introducing me to the COBRAHEAD gardening tool!!!!!  Seriously!  Who knew this tool would be so incredibly helpful!  It's hard to imagine that such a small headed tool could do so much!  It's my favorite weeding far!

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