Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Handwritten Thank You Note and handwritten notes, in general..."As part of the continuing series "Assignment America," Steve Hartman takes a lesson in the lost art of handwritten thank you notes."

I just received two very touching handwritten notes in the mail this afternoon that have stopped me in my tracks.  One was a Thank You note and the other was a note from someone who was sending her 'Free Will Donation' for the cup of tea she had at the Tea House last summer!  It is now December 15th!  What a BEAUTIFUL act of human kindness!

Here's the note I received:
"Sorry in getting this to you so late!  When visiting The Song Garden in late summer, I had left my purse in the car and it was too hard to climb back up the hill to the Tea House.  (Enclosed:  a check for $2).  We enjoyed our visit and were enthralled with the Tea House.  We will be back in the summer!"

These notes are very precious and in this day and age, very rare to receive.  We are all so busy with our lives and our technology that we don't take the time to hand write notes to people who have done special things for us or who have touched our lives in some beautiful way.  Here's a great video about hand written Thank You notes and why they are so important.  Something to keep in mind during this holiday season.  And to connect this blog entry to The Song Garden and plant crafts........try making your own PRESSED FLOWER note cards for the many Thank You Notes you will surely be writing in 2012 due to your new New Year's Resolution!!!

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