Monday, November 21, 2011

Thanksgiving Decoupage Mason Jar Leaf Luminaries!!! Spent the day with my sister and she showed me how to make her special candle holders. So easy! So Pretty!

Decoupage Luminaries

Craft Glue
Paint Brush
Leaves/Potpourri Botanicals
Mason Jars
White Tissue Paper
Tea Light or Votive Candles

~Brush the glue on the mason jar
~Place leaves and botanicals on the glue
~Cover with white tissue paper
~Brush the glue on the tissue paper

These will take a couple of days to dry.
When dry, you can place your candle in the jar, light it and place the jar on your dinner table.  Beautiful and simple.

I have to say that I had a wonderfully relaxing, almost meditative time making about 5 of these with my sister today.  We talked about everything under the sun while making some very pretty crafts that will be used for her Thanksgiving table.  Homemade feels so good.

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