Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Song Garden 2011 Plant List

Anything else you'd like to see on this plant list???

Ageratum Blue Horizon
Ammi: False Queen Anne’s Lace
Anise Hyssop
Apple Mint
Aster Matsumoto Mix
Aster Tower Custom Mix
Bachelor’s Buttons Florist Blue Boy
Bee Balm
Bupleurum Green Gold
Calendula Flashback Mix
Calendula Solar Flashback
Celosia Chief
Celosia Pampas Plume
Celosia Sylphid
Cinnamon Basil
Colorado Yarrow
Cosmos Mix (Best for cut flowers)
Edible Flowers Mix
Gladiola Mix
Golden Glow
Gomphrena QIS Rose
Gomphrena Strawberry Fields
Hyacinth Bean Ruby Moon
Lemon Balm
Lisianthus Double Cinderella Mix
Lisianthus Double Echo Champagne
Lisianthus Double Echo Lavender
Lisianthus Double Echo Mix
Love in a Mist:  Blue and also Chocolate Sundae
Love Lies Bleeding
Marigold, edible…Tangerine Gem, Red Gem, and Lemon Gem
Monardo Bergamo
Nasturtiums Mix (edible)
Pumpkins Atlantic Giant
Pumpkins Howden’s Biggie
Pumpkins Prizewinner
Rudbeckia Goldsturm
Rudbeckia Hirta Triloba 
Rudbeckia Indian Summer
Rudbeckia Triloba
Salvia Farinacea Victoria Blue
Sensitive Plants
Shasta Daisy
Snapdragon Rocket Formula Mix
Snapdragon Rocket White
Strawflower Apricot/Peach
Sunflowers:   Sun Series:  Sunbright, Holiday
Sunflowers:  Pro Cut Sunrich Series F1, Sunrich Lemon
Sunflowers:  Soraya, American Giant, Cutter’s Delight Mix
Sweet Genovese Basil
Sweet Pea Incense Peach
Tithonia: Mexican Sun Torch
Zinnia Benary Giant Mix
Zinnia Giant Dahlia Violet
Zinnia Giant Lime
Zinnia Oklahoma Formula Mix
Zinnia Queen Red Lime
Zinnia Uproar Rose
Zinnia Zowie Yellow Flame


  1. What are the pink and apricot flowers shown in the foreground of the picture at the top of this blog entry? Thanks!

  2. Check out this link for info on this flower and for a great source for seed!

    Strawflowers: Apricot/Peach mix
    (Bracteantha bracteata)

  3. Thanks! Do you deliberately pick them before they are fully opened? I really like the partially open look. Do they continue to open in the vase or do they remain at the stage they are harvested? Can you dry them at the half-open stage?