Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Garden Draws Beautiful Souls...

Met some wonderful people in the garden today. We sat in the chairs, looking at the view, and soon I was being read to...out of a small black notebook, all kinds of thought provoking garden quotes! Here's a sampling:

Gardening is the slowest of the performing arts...Mac Griswold

In a quiet way, gardening is war!...Unknown

Give everything away except your garden.
Your worry, your fear, your small-mindedness...
Your garden can never be taken from you...Lynn Park

Almost any garden, if you see it at just the right moment can be confused with paradise...Henry Mitchell

Walk on the earth as if you are walking on the heads of children...Hindu Saying


  1. Hey Marguerite:

    Life good at this end of the NH. Was fooling around one evening on the computer and found your posting. We're on the Garden Conservancy Open Days June 26-27 this year. Peterborough, NH. Let the frenzy begin!

    Hope the festival went well. Sorry we missed it. Maybe next year!

    Have a great winter.

    Terry and David (your wonderful people)

  2. Good luck with your Garden Conservancy Open Days, David! I'm sure you're in full frenzy mode, as Dan and I are, over at The Song Garden!